COVID-19 PRECAUTIONS for Radnor Youth Basketball:

FACE MASKS - EVERYONE - even if 6 ft apart - INCLUDING players playing in the game – refs too

KEEP YOUR DISTANCE – Players and Coaches stay minimum 6 ft apart on the sidelines and whenever not playing basketball

INDOORS - NO PARENTS OR SPECTATORS - only Players, Coaches, Scorekeeper

MAX 25 to 30 PEOPLE INDOORS – total attendance for both teams plus refs and others (livestream videographer, gym official, etc.)

OUTDOORS - Parents and players must keep social distance while waiting to enter gym or chatting nearby

AVOID CONGREGATING – indoors or outdoors – with others coming / going / watching / waiting

TEAM POSITIONS - off the court during game, players stay on opposite sides of the court – scorekeeper keep 6 ft away – more if possible

STAY HOME - anyone WHO IS SICK - or:

  • Has ANY Covid symptoms (fever, breathing problems, coughing, headache, high temperature, etc.)
  • Lives with or had contact with anyone with symptoms, tested positive or awaiting test results
  • Traveled in last 14 days to any area from which quarantine is recommended or required
  • Needs to take other precautions, such as those issued by gov’t or public health authorities


TRAVEL, QUARANTINING and CONTACT TRACING All State, Local, CDC other official mitigation guidelines apply to Players, Coaches and anyone in the gym.


HEALTH CHECKS - YES/NO questions – MUST USE TEAMSNAP APP before getting to court/gym (opens 8 hrs before event time)

TEMPERATURE CHECKS – at gym as soon as arriving – thermometer is in COVID kit - BELOW 100 F

NO SHARING EQUIPMENT - except game ball – disinfect wipe or spray ball - at breaks – between games

HAND SANITIZER – players & coaches – bring your own and use it – and HAND WASHING at home

USE DIFFERENT GYM EXIT (NOT ENTRANCE) – where possible, reduce contact with others coming/going

DO NOT ENTER GYM or Court area – until everyone is gone from previous game (except refs and officials)

PLEASE NOTE: We cannot foresee or control for every contingency that might create the spread and exposure to COVID-19.  

PLEASE use common sense, be proactive to assess the risk you and your family could spread the virus, and act responsibly.

ALL PLAYERS need to be VERY DILIGENT, limiting their exposure (WEAR A MASK and KEEP YOUR DISTANCE outside the home) - PLEASE REMIND EVERYONE to play it safe.

We realize that supervising and educating kids can be a real challenge.  We need everyone's help to avoid risky behaviors during this pandemic – by all players, coaches, parents, and families.  Let us know your suggestions.